Vessels & Sculptures

Glass and Glaze

Wood Fired hand carved "Boat" $175
by Samantha Tucker


Garden Tea

                             Can you imagine this in your garden?


 Samantha Tucker (Muddy Girls Studio) and Rufiya Blank  Floral Designer
Photos by Daniel Matheiu  all from Western Avenue Studios
Or these on your table?

Turquoise Serving Bowl $75


Coil & Carved Vessel by Barbara Guilmet currently on display in our Studio #405
Wood Fired "Flirty Dress"  $150
on display at The Loading Dock Gallery, Lowell, MA 

Approx 22" H  Dragon Fly Vessel  by Barbara Guilmet

 She's in There


Work in Progress
She's In There
by Samantha Tucker
"She Put Up A Fight Too" sculpture by Samantha Tucker
Columns by Barbara Guilmet on display at                         The Loading Dock Gallery

Blue Columns by Barbara Guilmet